Chronicles of an FFXIV black mage, cosplayer and coffee addict

Cosplay: so you’ve decided to make your first thing

…what now??

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Blaugust #5: Why raiding reminds me of group projects

It’s like your worst nightmare from school has come back to haunt you sometimes.

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A very serious guide to healing AS1

Welcome to the exciting world of healing The Fist of the Father (savage), where anything and everything that goes wrong is entirely your fault.

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Blaugust #3: Burnout

Sometimes you over-commit yourself to a hobby so much that it stops being fun.

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Blaugust day #2: Lets remember how much the Zodiac quests sucked

Today we’re taking a trip down memory lane and looking at the progression of the Zodiac questline. And by progression, I mean progression of my personal rage as RNG abandoned me and my sanity slowly deteriorated. (Note: this post was drafted 4 months ago, and way before HW update to the questlines, so not everything is 100% accurate. Except for my rage. That is always accurate)

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Blaugust day #1: The glamour end game

I like to measure my skill in Final Fantasy XIV based exclusively on the quality of my glamours – and let me tell you, my cat girl dress up game has been on point since 3.0.

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Hi blog – lets try this Blaugust thing out

I’m about as good at blogging as I am remembering to get back in touch with old friends from University.

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Weekly Roundup #1: Kitties, coil and shiny books

So this roundup technically spans closer to a month, oops. In my defense, I can barely maintain a sleep schedule let alone a writing schedule. Adulthood is hard, okay.

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The 10 players you’ll meet in World of Darkness – Part 1

Patch 2.5 brought lots of great new content to Final Fantasy XIV, including the final installment in the Crystal Tower Saga: World of Darkness. This exciting new 24-man raid revisits the original, successful formula of asking 24 random players from across servers to try and not be complete dicks to each other so you can get your  @$#^ing piece of i120 gear for the week. Added to the mix are even more unrecoverable raid wipes, instant kills, cooperative mechanics, and of course, deadly red circles that require other players to run out of them so you don’t die.





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The Big Day

Warning: Even more adorkable lalafells than last time

February 18th was the big day for Lucretia and me!

(And this write up took me so fricken long to put together I’m surprised he hasn’t divorced me yet)

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