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A very serious guide to healing AS1

Welcome to the exciting world of healing The Fist of the Father (savage), where anything and everything that goes wrong is entirely your fault.

As a level 60 healer, you’ve already learned this from countless PUGs and angry dps standing in things, so you should be good to go. Make sure to have a box of tissues handy for your healer tears before clicking yes to that ready check.



This is Faust, he’s here to welcome you to AS1. With his fists. Applied directly to your face and sensitive regions. Your job here is to keep both tanks alive through increasingly heavy damage while putting out enough dps that your group can meet the check. Sounds simple enough, right? At first glance this may seem like a dps check, but don’t be fooled, this is a healer check. Stance dance too much and your tank dies? Absolutely your fault. Wipe at 1%? Well clearly you should have stance danced more, so that’s also your fault. Basically just accept that you can’t win and push through.

Once you clear Faust, collect up your loot an-

Wait. Where’s the loot? Are you telling me this guy isn’t the actual boss? But he just wiped us like 20 times…



Okay, here’s the actual boss, I guess? This fight is almost identical to the normal version, but everything hits harder and there are more damage causing things in general (adds, lasers, etc). Loosely translated, this means the tanks and dps are going to think this fight is super straightforward because they’ve been farming normal mode for ages, while you’re over in the corner crying because you need to handle all the things.

Phase one is designed to lull you into a false sense of security and introduce you to mechanics. Don’t worry if health bars fall low (unless they fall to 0, in which case maybe worry) – this gets the dps used to having low health bars, so they hopefully won’t whine during the last phase and distract you. You’ll thank me later.

Oppressor x2 

Just like in the normal version of the fight, Oppressor pops his phone a friend and shit starts to get real. Heavy damaging abilities like prey are now doubled, so you might want to turn off cleric’s stance and actually pay attention to the health bars (I know, I know, we all want to be dps deep down inside). Pick a tank and try not to let them die, or any of the dps, or your co-healer, or you. You’re about to get hit with a terrifying barrage of deadly abilities, and if someone dies it’s a wipe, and it’s your fault. Even if you get one-shot because the oppressors have like 8 stacks from when they were kept too close together, it’s still your fault.

Is the stress setting in yet? Good. Because you have another 6 or so minutes of nail biting, high pressure fun to go!

this is a screenshot of normal because I was too busy crying and or pooping myself to take screenshots of savage

this is a screenshot of normal because I was too busy crying and or pooping myself to take screenshots of savage

The most important thing as a healer is to understand the abilities the boss uses, and how they’re going to royally screw your group over. Phase 2 rotation goes something like this:

  • Oh hey everyone took a ton of damage from gunnery pod, but we’re still okay
  • Here come the adds! Still pretty ok- oh no green puddles everywhere, is that one on a laser? What’s this world coming to?!
  • Wait guys why do two people have prey I thought the tank buster was coming up so I need to heal through prey top off tank and WHY IS EVERYONE DYING
  • Okay we survived the double prey tank buster, I think we’re doing ok- oops, here comes a huge aoe that picks off the people at low health that I missed while I was panicking about all of the above
  • *robots fly into the air, leaving your ravaged corpses behind*
  • *green puddles wipe out the few brave souls left alive while you weep*

Should you survive all of these shenanigans, the oppressors will land and the cycle of pain will continue until the boss dies or you hit enrage (which, incidentally, is also your fault).

Remember: No pressure, but every wipe is directly caused by you.

Don’t screw up.

Tips for working with your co-healer


A solid healing synergy & camaraderie is key for success in this fight. If your co-healer makes a mistake and their tank dies, be sure to make fun of them mercilessly by pointing out that your tank is still alive and their’s isn’t. Just make sure your tank doesn’t die while you do this. Seriously. That ruins the whole point.

~ Eva

(can you tell I’m regretting my choice to play Scholar this expansion?)

Note: This is post #4 for my Blaugust 2015 attempt!


  1. Well… that sounds like fun.. 😛 The pressure!

  2. This made me both want to try Savage, and simultaneously not ever want to go anywhere near it. More importantly, I am now scared of healing again QQ.

    Very well written post though! And yaaaay Blaugust!

    • Eva

      August 14, 2015 at 10:01 am

      Hahaha real talk: it’s actually quite a bit of fun, raiding wise. Lots of the earlier coil turns didn’t offer a real healing challenge/check (apart from T13, ouch), so it’s nice to tackle a fight that really requires managing your buffs, debuffs and GCDs. I’ll whine about it, but it’s actually been fun figuring out the pattern and getting a hang of things!

      Thanks! <3 Yay Blaugust indeed! (except I'm so behind right now it hurts...)

  3. Malacheska Delaflagra

    October 7, 2015 at 5:37 am

    I did not find this a useful guide. When I clicked something Called a Very Serious Guide I want to see Rotations, I want to see what I can tell me healers to look out for not someone ranting on the internet about how judged you feel.

    • Eva

      October 7, 2015 at 8:59 am

      haha this was in no way shape or form meant to be a factual guide, and I thought I made that pretty clear. It’s something I wrote to let off some steam about as1 progression and have some laughs with healer friends suffering through the same crap, because this fight was not fun to learn to heal 8 weeks ago.

      That being said, I feel somewhat bad that you found this, read this and got upset enough to leave a comment rather than just hit the back button, so here are a few actual tips (disclaimer: by no means a guide):

      This is a pretty good general guide on the rotation. Healers should learn where gunnery pods, preys, and plasma (tank buster) fall in the rotation

      There are several useful comments in this reddit post with advice for all three healers. The key to healing this fight is understanding the damage flow (ie, knowing when the group needs to be topped off or not, who to focus etc) and understanding how to handle preys + double tank buster.

      I can’t speak for WHM or AST, but as a SCH the following “rotation” works for me on double preys + tank buster:

      – E4E on my tank when the blue laser lines appear
      – Virus on my tanks robot dude shortly after red line aoe
      – When prey markers appear, toss an adlo on my tank, then each of the prey targets
      – When prey damage starts coming out, cast two physicks on my assigned prey target and then quickly tab back to tank
      – At this point, tank buster is casting, so I cast adlo on my tank, lustrate if they need to be topped off, and pop emergency tactics + adlo precast to land after the tank buster goes out

      Hope that helps

  4. I know it’s late but well…
    I don’t why I found this guide while trying to find A3S guide… Google is weird sometime !

    I love love love how this is write, and I can remember EVERY little awful step of my static progression on each phase explanation !
    Like Faust being hell of a guardian… The fact that everyone is dying around me and I didn’t even have my cleric stance on… The not so Cute surprise after prey that is the tank buster…

    And I love the end saying that I should laugh at my co-heal if his tank die (because it’s what i do until he cry… Or until I let my tank get OS)

    I had fun reading this ! Thanks !
    Currently crying and whinning on the beginning of A3S…
    I began AST, switch SCH until AST up, switch AST for A1S, have to use SCH for the end of Alex savage
    I’m losing my mind trying to know what kind of heal I am…

    • Eva

      November 13, 2015 at 3:41 pm

      Hahaha I’m so sorry you found this while looking for a serious guide, but I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway! XD

      This comment totally made my day, and I hope your A3S progress is going well! <3 My static is kinda taking a break, so I haven't experienced the horror of it quite yet :'D

  5. If dps blame me as healer while they decide to stand in obvious avoidable stuff , I reply gently with ‘Stupidity cannot be cured/healed.’ xD

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