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Blaugust #5: Why raiding reminds me of group projects

It’s like your worst nightmare from school has come back to haunt you sometimes.

original-27962-1424108707-241. Scheduling conflicts

Trying to plan group project meeting times around a college class schedule is a special kind of hell, and damnit Jimmy, why do you have to have evening class on Fridays, who DOES that?! This frustration gets taken a step further with raiding, where you need to find 2-3 blocks of significant time to raid per week while working around the schedules of 7 other internet strangers with widely varying jobs and other life commitments.

2. It can be a bad idea to do with friends

We’ve all been there – group project comes up and you think you’re being sooo smart by grouping up with all of your friends. One month into the project later, you can’t stand the sight of any of them and fantasize more often than you care to admit about getting away with arson. Raiding works this way too, except you fantasize that those fire circles your “friends” keep #%$^cking standing in and wiping you are real fire.

3. It makes you wish you could clone yourself/competent team mates

Any serious raider who tells you they haven’t looked into the feasibility of multiboxing for raiding is lying to you. Full stop. The just do it yourself mentality is pretty hard to pull off here. (Side note though: best way to get twintania mount??)

4. There’s always that one guy

Unfortunately, no amount of gear will save you from your Scholar screwing up and petrifying your entire raid *cough cough*

“omg lmao guys im so sorry i didn’t notice I had petrify on me for the 8th tonight did we all just wipe? LOL”

You know exactly who I’m talking about. That one guy who’s never prepared, doesn’t pull their own weight, and finds it really hilarious when they screw up and wipe the raid/tank your grade. This guy is exactly why we can’t have nice things.

5. A sense of accomplishment

featireNo matter how frustrating things can get, nothing beats the feeling of finally clearing/finishing something you’ve put hard work into. Then shortly after moving onto the next project or encounter you’re going to be knocking your head against!

(; -;)

~ Eva


  1. I’m pretty flexible with raids, but #4 is one that I really can’t deal with.

  2. I’ve usually encountered the opposite of number 4. You know, the guy who thinks he is always perfect and can’t handle any deviations or “fun”. He’s the type that brings a briefcase to a park.

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