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Blaugust day #1: The glamour end game

I like to measure my skill in Final Fantasy XIV based exclusively on the quality of my glamours – and let me tell you, my cat girl dress up game has been on point since 3.0.

The “Slightly Murderous Tiny Healer” look


Day 12: they still suspect nothing

At Heavensward launch I replaced my Bahamut buttwings with a more classic Scholar look using Augmented AF pieces and tried to blend in with my fellow scholars (side note, living among tonberries can be hazardous to your health do not try this at home). Yes I do realize this is a lalafell and not a cat girl. The next glamour I’m going to show you isn’t on a cat girl either. Yes I’ve accepted I have a fantasia problem STOP JUDGING ME.

Ahem. Moving on before any potential intervention attempts…

The “Super Purple, Super Bored Lizard Lady” look


This is the happiest she ever looked

I did a brief stint as the angriest looking lizard lady the character creator would let me make (spoilers: you can’t make them look angry, only really bored). I pretty much did a carbon copy of one of my original cat girl Scholar glamours and recoloured it to match the purple colour scheme of my lizard lady. Au Ra boots are lovely and work well with the scholar socks, but I got bored of the animations fast which meant….

The “Triumphant Return to Cat Life” look


…back to cat girl (thanks for the peer pressure, twitter bros)! If you’re keeping track of my fantasia consumption here, we’re at 2, and that’s if you don’t count the one I popped right before launch to switch from highlander back to lalafell. Don’t worry, at this point I’m judging myself more than anyone else ever could.

Anyway, this glamour is my current pride and joy. I dumped way more money than I should have on a Chivalric Doublet Of Healing and built a glamour around that with augmented scholar AF pieces. I don’t usually use the feet because they cover up the sweet, sweet schoolgirl socks, but in this case the look fit well with the body piece. Of course, if you’re a dirty hipster cat like me, it’s key top off the look with a pair of Classic Spectacles.

A quick point on Scholar glamours

You’ll notice that 99% of my Scholar glamours use the Augmented Scholar’s Culottes. If you’re going to invest in any one piece of scholar glamour gear, I’d recommend the dyeable skirt. Being able to dye the skirt/socks adds so much flexibility, and the skirt itself looks amazing with many of the healer bodies. #TeamSchoolgirlSocks, cmmon guys. You know you want to.

I'm still a cat girl.... for now.....

I’m still a cat girl…. for now…..

Reading back on this post, I’m not entirely sure if it’s about glamours, or a personal look at my descent into crippling fantasia addiction.


~ Eva
(Yeah look guys I didn’t screw up Blaugust day 1!!)


  1. Catgirls fo life. \o/

    Yours is adorbs, I love the glamour!

  2. Oh yes. Glamour is the true end game! Can’t wait to read more! 😀

  3. These are awesome shots! You are indeed skilled at this. I didn’t really have a chance to get too into the glamour system myself, though I love similar features in other MMOs.

    • Eva

      August 2, 2015 at 7:57 pm

      thanks! I take my glamouring pretty seriously 😛 The system can be a bit of a hassle compared to how other MMOs handle it, but the gear selection makes it worth it

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