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The Big Day

Warning: Even more adorkable lalafells than last time

February 18th was the big day for Lucretia and me!

(And this write up took me so fricken long to put together I’m surprised he hasn’t divorced me yet)

Waiting for the ceremony to start!

Waiting for the ceremony to start!

We both joked about cold feet, but I was actually pretty nervous leading up to the ceremony. I think my real life social anxieties started bleeding into my game life – who was going to show up? Did I remember to invite everyone? Would people have fun? Would my different friend groups get along? Geez, you’d think I was planning a real wedding or something (20$ for a wedding would be the best deal ever, fyi).

But! Everything turned out just as well, if not better than expected. Take that anxiety!

Even Odin showed up

Look I’m not saying our wedding was a big deal or anything but even Odin showed up. Also yes, that my FC leader in a Chef outfit. Please don’t ask

I made sure to log on early to ferry any alts over to the chapel safely (Vis and his double seat Chocobo helped greatly with that). Some of our friends on different servers made alts to attend the ceremony, including the lovely Sonomaa, Tako, Wenchsicle and Jegger – who not only made an alt he actually purchased the game to attend, and seems to be enjoying it, so double win!

Lots of folks from our server also attended, such as the amazing folk from Tantalus Company ls (Risa, Vali, Ami, Kiyo, Aeon, Caidon so many lovely faces <3), as well as most of my FC. I could pretty much fill this post with shout outs, and sorry in advance for missing anyone. I was honestly floored by how many people showed up for the ceremony, and it was wonderful to finally get to meet some long time twitter friends in game!

After a couple of hiccups (I was nervous and forgot to hand out a couple of invitations, oops) we got everyone seated and the ceremony underway.

We went with the gondola option for extra hilarity

Lucretia and I making our grand entrance

It was pink and adorable, as you’d expect from a female lalafell wedding where I was given control of the settings (sorry Lucretia). The cutscenes were absolutely adorable, even though the chapel design was a bit awkward for lalafell-sized characters. I’m pretty sure the altar was actually taller than we are, and Lucretia is a max tall slider lalafell.


Clearly not designed with lalafell-sized characters in mind

Clearly not designed with lalafell-sized characters in mind


Exchanging rings that we crafted for each other

Exchanging rings that we crafted for each other

After the ceremony ended, we took the time to take some nice screenshots at the chapel. Of course by that I mean everyone in gentleman poses or manderville dance.

Look at this group of cuties

Look at this group of cuties. Please ignore the chocobo pumpkin creature and the goblin stripper in the back

We also snuck off for some cute pictures

We also snuck off for some cute pictures

We closed off with the grand chocobo-in-the-sunset finale, grabbed our shiny new mounts and rings, and ended the evening with some duty finder Titan Extreme. Because what better way to cement a new bond than to die together in landslides? <3

"We're going to get rekt by titan" faces

“We’re going to get rekt by titan” faces

Some closing thoughts on the eternal bonding ceremony

I’m going to be cheesy for a sec, sorry in advance.

wedding2-10When Lucretia and I first started working on the eternal bond quest line, I thought the whole talk of “strengthening bonds” was pretty cheesy. Funny thing is, it actually kind of worked. For a while I hadn’t been in a great place (both in game and out), and the entire ceremony process brought lots of joy back into the game for me. General excitement and ceremony planning helped me connect with new and old friends, and the entire process strengthened my friendship with a good friend I’ve been playing with since the start of my adventures in Eorzea.

All in all, the eternal bond ceremony was a great experience and lots of fun. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Oh and, about the honeymoon?

You could say it was a…. catastrophe

Get it? Get it??

Get it? Get it?? Meow.

All terrible puns aside, onwards to new (taller) adventures!

~ Eva

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