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Weekly Roundup #1: Kitties, coil and shiny books

So this roundup technically spans closer to a month, oops. In my defense, I can barely maintain a sleep schedule let alone a writing schedule. Adulthood is hard, okay.

The great Catastrophe

meowI have a long history of playing short characters in MMOs, starting back in my Final Fantasy XI days where my first and only character was a tarutaru. I got attached to her as my online identity – she was the first character I ever really connected with and the avatar that represented me for over 5 years. Naturally, when I started playing Final Fantasy XIV I gravitated to a lalafell character that was an exact replica of my taru, and was adamant that I’d be a lalafell for life.

Then fantasia bug bit me, and it bit me hard.

prettyI decided to try out a miqo’te character to hang out with some of my friends. I specifically tried to replicate the look of my lalafell in cat form so the character would “feel” the same, and told myself I was only going to be a cat for a week, tops.  Well, the week turned into two, three, and eventually a month with no sign of going back to my lalafell roots.  I really fell in love with cat!Skye. Oops.

Playing miqo’te has been a fun and interesting change of pace. I’m really enjoying the different emotes, how the gear looks, and interacting with my taller friends!  Will I go back to lalafell eventually? Most likely. But for now I’m going to enjoy something new.

meow3Zodiac: Trial of the Braves (and occasionally RNG) finally complete!

There are no words for how amazing it felt to finally wrap up this quest line. I’m really thankful that SE decided to make the Zeta step of the relic more of a “victory lap”, so I was able to finish my weapon early in the patch and take a breather before Heavensward. To be completely honest, I didn’t like how most of this quest line was implemented (and have been incredibly vocal about it on twitter, cough), but the resulting weapon feels very rewarding. I love the design of Last Resort!

zodiacI’m currently trying to decide if I want to pick up another sphere scroll and tweak the stats a bit. You can tell I gave up near the end after mourning the loss of a couple of tier IV crit materia (my wallet never truly recovered) and just pushed to finish with some piety materia to fill gaps. I’m one of those weird scholars that actually like piety (more MP back from aetherflow? Yes please), but considering how much DPS I’m sneaking in during raid some extra accuracy might be better rather than piety. We shall see!

We cleared relevant content

This is legitimately major – following our T9 victory, we finally cleared content that isn’t in DF with echo for the first time in months. T10 took us a couple of nights to get the hang of but we cleared it relatively quickly with few hiccups. This was a fun fight for me as a Scholar because I got to handle the preys, as well as keep up with shielding for rip, sacred soil for charges, mitigation for adds etc. It was quite a bit to keep track of at first, but now that I’m used to the flow of the fight I can even sneak in some dps here and there. This is one of those fights where Scholar can really shine, and it feels great to know that I can keep up with heal check mechanics (and still solo heal the last phase when our WHM dies… oops).

t10I also picked up a Dreadwyrm healing earring from our second kill~ That sweet, sweet crit. Speaking of coil though…

Team Waifu reunites to tackle end game content!

We’ve had some issues with one of our raid member’s commitment for a while (Bob), and made the tough decision last week to ask them to leave the static. While it’s always sad to have to let someone go, it left a raid spot open for Weylin to join us! He still needed to clear Second Coil though (so much for #NeverAgain), so we popped into T9  on Sunday, expecting it to take us a few nights to clear. We cleared it in 5 pulls.

meow2Following that, we one shot T10 and made more progress in one night on T11 than we’ve ever made in 5+ nights of raiding it prior. The difference is honestly night and day. Not just dps wise either, you could tell we all felt much more enthusiastic and happy to be raiding, it’s an amazing change of pace! Plus, having Weylin in the static makes me super happy because we get along great and push each other to reach our maximum potential in game (mostly because he’s afraid I’m going to yell at him).

"She won't even look at me unless I can sustain 300 dps ;_;"

“She won’t even look at me unless I can sustain 300 dps ;_;”

Next week’s roundup will probably be pretty boring – I’ll be playing minimally because I committed to make a new cosplay for Anime Boston in uh, less than a week. Oops! Unless of course I decide to do some kind of cosplay round about how terrible making a costume in a week is.


Kitty Skye signing out!

~ Eva
(The coffee cup is especially relevant)


  1. I’m super happy to be raiding with you, too! The excitement expressed by the you and the rest of the group is really refreshing, and makes me feel welcome. I feel like I’ve met or even exceeded expectations so far (lol 300dps sustained), and I hope to continue doing so — maybe then that cute, sassy scholar in the group will notice me. :3

    Also: I survived my first divebomb marker!

    Looking forward to great things together ~ W

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